Celebration of Ogun Festival at Idepe-Okitipupa, Ondo State.

Written by on August 27, 2021

Idepe-Okitipupa celebrates Ogun Festival- an annual festival held around August or September in Ondo State and parts of Ekiti state. Idepe- Okitipupa Community is headed by the Royal Father Oba Michael Adetoye Obanuga, the Jegun Of Idepe-Okitipupa.

Ogun Festival is observed for 2 days – Ojokíní Akolé and Ojokejí Ojo in honour of Ogun, a warrior and powerful spirit of metal work believed by the Yoruba to be the first god to arrive on earth.

According to Yoruba mythology, Ogun was a King and the father of Oranmiyan, and the first person to arrive on earth; he used a cutlass and a dog to clear the road for the arrival of other deities. He is also said to have given the finishing touches to the first set of humans created by Obatala, the Yoruba god of creation.

Preparation for the festival begin seventeen days in advance. The chief priest announces the sighting of the new moon (which must be sighted before beginning the festival) by blowing the Upe (local trumpet) for seven days. Nine days after the sighting of the new moon, the King sends an emissary to officially announce the ceremony. Preparations for the Festival include the repairing of bridges and clearing of footpaths. The festival continues with a vigil called Ilagun, Asoro or Aisun Ogun which takes place three days before the Ogun day. The blacksmiths donate new cutlasses, hoes and bell gongs, and the Owa Shrine is beautified with palm fronds, cowries and other items. Libation is then poured, a ritual dance is conducted around Owa Shrine, and prayers are offered. Dogs are prepared for sacrifice.

Ogun Festival is celebrated by both old and young. After worship and prayers around the town, musicians are invited to play for people as they gather at a spot to jubilate and vibe to the tempo.


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