Written by on April 22, 2022

In Islamic faith , in the last ten days of Ramadan or in between , Laylatulquodry , a special beneficial night of fervent prayers to Allah, the most beneficent is observed.

During these nights of prayers , Islamic scholars reckon that the rewards the committed faithful who can walk with Allah in ablution and prayer will derive can be equated with that of a thousand years of serving Allah.

According to an Islamic scholar, Alfa Yunusa Adebayo Ahmmed who spoke with Awawa FM, during the night of Laylatol quadri, God sends his angels to shut the gate of hell, he sends angels to generously open the gate of Aljanah and whatever request the faithful make during this glorious night, Allah grants expressly without delay.

The cleric appeal to Muslims not to miss the observation of this special vigil.

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